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18 €

Online Pharmacy ApoZona

  • Телефон: (+420) 734-433-999
  • Город: Рисан
  • Страна: Черногория
  • Опубликовано: Ноябрь 24, 2020 21:52
  • До завершения: 28 дней, 3 часов


In the modern world, in order to maintain efficiency, one simply cannot do without maintaining one’s health and replenishing the body’s mineral and vitamin reserves. And not always enough of those foods that are in our daily diet. We offer you a wide selection of vitamins and minerals made in Germany to heal your body and strengthen your immune system. On our website APOZona you can familiarize yourself with the composition of the drug, learn about the terms of payment and delivery of vitamins from Europe to your city. Also, our pharmacists will advise you on the choice of vitamin complexes and bio-supplements from Europe and help you place an order.

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