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39 €

Protein Sports Nutrition at ApoZona

  • Телефон: (+420) 734-433-999
  • Город: Пераст
  • Страна: Черногория
  • Опубликовано: Октябрь 5, 2020 21:27
  • До завершения: 161 дней, 6 часов


Extrifit 100% Whey Protein 2000 g 100% Whey Protein is completely soluble, highly soluble and therefore very easy to prepare. The finished drink has a very pleasant consistency. Consuming this high-quality protein source promotes muscle growth and maintenance in situations where catabolism is at stake. Extrifit 100% Whey Protein is a highly digestible protein at a great price.

We have created a protein drink for everyone who wants to try Extrifit quality and at the same time wants to save money. 100% Whey Protein is pure whey protein. And that’s what it is about! For example, not everyone wants super-expensive real protein-packed strawberries … You buy protein because you want protein. And there you have it. It is good quality, dissolves well and tastes good. Each scoop of this protein contains a full 23 g of premium protein. The main protein component of European origin.

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