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Swarovski crystal nail file

  • Телефон: +420241405918
  • Город: Подгорица
  • Страна: Черногория
  • Опубликовано: Май 4, 2021 22:36
  • До завершения: 98 дней, 7 часов


Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File with crystals from Swarovski

Quality matters. So that’s what you’ll find in every element of these stunning crystal nail files that preserve quality where it matters most – in your nails.

The glossy Czech glass is tempered for extra durability and the crystal nail file comes with a lifetime guarantee and effective coarse filing surface for extra-precision shaping.

Built to last, tempered twice

There is a tempering method that has revolutionized the industry, and it has evolved from the Czech techniques which transformed the production of crystal nail files. We utilize these ground breaking practices to ensure our files do not degrade in quality over the years, standing up to frequent use.

Crafted from hardened Czech glass alloy, this nail file is renowned for its durability. Our double tempering process multiplies the effect, making them even stronger and allowing you to look after your nails with ease for generations.

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